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Born and raised on Goan soil, Panta Ferrao is an environmentalist, eco designer, yoga enthusiast and spiritual seeker of truth, who is constantly questioning and refining his own true life’s purpose. A minimalist by nature, since young he has been drawn to live in nature and as close to the earth as possible, in a manner that is simple and sustainable. An ex-lawyer by profession, he gave up a successful career serving the corporate world and living his life to the pre-defined expectations and values of modern society. He set out to find environmentally sustainable holistic systems and solutions that prevent massive degradation to the unspoiled Goan landscapes and to demonstrate that it is possible to live in harmony with nature without causing a major impact or disturbance to the natural environment and its life forms.
His first endeavor to create a new way to live and earn without compromising on his truth was by creating the ecological health and nature resort Bhakti Kutir in Colomb, South Goa. The resounding response and success of this project and the ceaseless growth and over development of the natural environment surrounding it encouraged him to explore even further into sustainability, self sufficiency and off grid living as a solution to address the global issue of climate change. As a progression on these concepts where the environment is prioritized and ethical business practices and social sustainability are incorporated, he withdrew deeper into the jungles of Agonda where Khaama Kethna Sustainable Holistic Centre was conceived.
Here he now resides in the eco village and is still expanding and transforming the centre and its values to be more sustainable than ever in response to the current climate crisis. After 35 years of tirelessly investigating solutions for environmental sustainability, he now focuses on the earth itself where healing and regenerating the soil and its microorganisms is the key to living a sustainable future. He promotes self sufficiency through cultivating local edible medicinal plants and encourages individuals to be responsible and take remedial action by doing their bit to protect our planet by consciously integrating sustainable lifestyle practices into their own everyday lives wherever and whenever possible.