Long Term Residency in Eco Village

Become a resident in our eco village and sustainable centre by leasing your own eco cottage on our 12 acre site in South Goa. Residents have the privilege of learning what it truly means to live a holistic & sustainable lifestyle by living in a more minimalistic, simple and healthy manner surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature. Residents have the opportunity to learn about sustainable practices such as construction, gardening, local edible & medicinal plants, composting, water & power saving, natural alternatives for household products and all around living a more chemical-free low waste lifestyle. The centre also offers the opportunity to put spirituality as a priority in one’s life and live in an environment free from intoxicants and worldly distractions where inner wellbeing is a key aspect of village life here at Khaama Kethna.

Short Term Sustainable Stays & Experiences

Whether it’s just for a short 1 week stay or a month long expedition at Khaama Kethna we offer a sustainable stay and experience like no other. Sleep in an eco cottage or treehouse and experience what it really means to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Live with less and experience more as you learn to live in harmony with nature and in a way that does not damage the earth. To book your sustainable stay please contact us .