Located off the beaten tourist track this secret jungle hideaway is designed as an authentic eco-sanctuary that provides a sustainable and responsible venue that caters to larger seminars, workshops, courses and retreats. Our unique 24-acre jungle properties & eco constructed centre can accommodate over 40 people and is available for private hire for:

Retreat, workshop & program venue for facilitators of all kinds.

  • With over 10 years of experience in hosting retreats & programs with facilitators from all across the globe, our venue is consciously designed to host and support retreats and programs of all kinds.
  • Our Jungle Yoga Shalas are available for hire for classes, workshops, programs & events.
  • Corporate functions, seminars & events.
  • Introduce corporate companies and their employees to sustainable living in an environment that inspires and offers a unique back to nature experience.  

Art, Fashion, film, TV, OTT & commercial shoots.

  • Our stunning pristine properties offer unrivalled natural beauty with pure artistically crafted and flowing structures. Adorned with ancient artefacts, natural clay sculptures and a collection of antique furniture, doors, windows & features our properties are completely distinctive and visually outstanding locations for photoshoots and filming.

Special occasions & celebrations including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

  • Celebrate your special occasion with loved ones in a conscious, responsible and sustainable manner and create a unique nature experience with memories you’ll never forget.