Internship Opportunities

A truly adventurous, awakening and authentic experience can be to live in an eco-village in the jungle. Alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants are prohibited here and living long term in an environment that encourages and promotes holistic well-being and the individuals search for truth and life purpose can have a profound and enduring effect. Living by example, we are endeavouring to create a new sustainable and conscious world as we dream it to be by contributing something worthwhile to life and the earth rather than follow the unconscious worldly ways of endless material acquisition.

Free of traditions, religion or creed, it is a place that offers a fresh new and spontaneous way of living as one with nature, inspiring people to acknowledge and embrace the whole of life while reconnecting to the beautiful life force within and all around. To live ‘holistically’ where the ‘whole’ is recognized as opposed to the parts encourages and guides the individual to focus and priorities onto the wellbeing and wellness aspects of living as well as existing in a manner that preserves, respects and acknowledges the bountiful earth and all it provides.

Join us for a unique internship experience where you can live and learn what it means to truly live sustainably in harmony with nature and in sync with the timeless rhythm of life. Become more aware and conscious of how your actions directly affect the planet and our surrounding natural environment, acquire knowledge through direct experience on eco-living and wellbeing practices and gain insight into what it means to live with less but to experience more fulfilment and balance in your daily life.