Empower your children by giving them the opportunity to cultivate back basic skills and gain confidence in themselves by reconnecting to their own true wild nature. In this modern age we live in of computers, technology and convenience, many children lack the opportunity to learn the simple and fundamental skills required to live in a more natural environment free from devices and distractions. In fact, with strict schedules for school, studies, extracurricular activities and just living busy lives most kids nowadays don’t even have the opportunity to just be in nature. To experience walking through the jungle, sleeping in a treehouse and meeting all the inhabiting creatures of one the most biodiverse places on the planet is a once in a lifetime adventure that can offer stability, health and a kind of wellbeing that can only come from learning to live and be free in nature. As well as a nourishing nature experience we will have an action-packed schedule of creative workshops, environmental awareness sessions and children’s wellbeing and yoga classes.