Everyone comes to Goa for its tropical beaches and vibrant nightlife scene, but a truly unique and memorable experience can be found living amidst the jungle wilderness of the laid-back South. The largely unspoiled landscapes and chilled-out rural attitude serve as a remedy to the hustle and bustle of the busier crowds to the Northern side of the state. As well as being a haven of sun, sand, and sea, the narrow winding roads through sleepy local villages, across meandering rivers and rolling wooded hills lead deep into the unexplored wonders of the Western Ghats. At the foothills of this vast and largely undiscovered mountain range lies Khaama Kethna Sustainable Holistic Centre. Spread across 12 acres of dense subtropical forest and bursting with life, the centre is completely immersed in nature and coexists in harmony with the incredible native flora and fauna of the South Goan jungle.

The centre is an example of a modern way to live as close to the earth as possible and wide open to the symphony of its inhabitants in a simple and refreshing manner. From trees in the bedroom to frogs in the toilet, each room is designed to incorporate life throughout and we are not sanitized from the forest, we are part of it. Living in sync with the natural timeless rhythm of life and reconnecting to the consciousness of nature offers a uniquely nourishing and adventurous experience that encourages withdrawal into the solitude and serenity of the jungle wilderness. The absence of ceaseless distractions and manmade sound encourages one to let go of restlessness and to retreat completely and just be.

To simply sit under the shade of the trees undisturbed and watch the beautiful birds, bees and butterflies fly by. Or at dusk be still and listen to the crooning of the roosting birds as crisp uninterrupted darkness descends all around. Sleeping partly exposed to Mother Nature and all her wonders, the constant hum and ever-expanding chorus of the nocturnal life all around becomes a soothing and sedating tune as the body drifts into a gentle slumber. The sound and resonance of nature infuses with the life within and draws you deeper into a dreamless sleep that rejuvenates and restores the vital life energies. As dawn begins to break under the canopy, the magnificent symphony of the birdsongs and the monkey’s chants softly serenade the fresh new morning. With a heightened sense of intimacy with the beauty of life all around, the body effortlessly awakens in synchrony with the rising sun. Starting the day feeling nourished, refreshed, and with a renewed sense of gratitude for the joy of being alive. This unusual and truly healing experience is what we at Khaama Kethna describe as the ‘The Jungle Effect’.

Living in this fresh, wild, and unconfined manner inspires people to acknowledge and embrace the whole of life while reconnecting to the beautiful life force within and all around. Through immersion into nature, holistic wellbeing, and sustainability practices while being surrounded by the healing power of nature we continually aim to get back in harmony and balance with the rhythm of nature and encourage all who visit the centre to do the same. Our aim is to provide an unusual and authentic experience where retreating into nature and learning to live in a way that does not harm the earth helps to facilitate the individual’s search for truth, self-discovery, and one’s true life purpose.

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