As the temperatures begin to drop and the crowds have long since dwindled, the arrival of the monsoon is a welcome relief from the long hot sweltering summer days. When the atmosphere, attitudes, and pace of life slows way down to its most serene state. Monsoon is when the locals and long-term visitors consider Goa to be at its prime during its relaxed and rainy off-season. There is time and space to experience the essential character of Goa and absorb the wonderful atmosphere of it in its most authentic and laid-back time of year.

The ‘standard’ Goa experience of sun, sand, and sea comes to a long-awaited halt as the skies become heavy and the ocean turns swollen and wild. Beach shacks, boat trips, and souvenir sellers alike, all pack up and shut down to retreat inland from the inhospitable shores. Away from the beaches and within the rolling wooded hills and tranquil hidden valleys are the unexplored foothills of the Western Ghats. Layered with dense sub-tropical forest and bursting with life, the jungles of the South are the true ecological heart of Goa and a nature lover and adventure seekers paradise. Taking shelter beneath the canopy of this vast mountain range provides a welcome respite from the rough coast and offers a unique, transforming, and truly memorable experience.

Perched on a sloping slice of jungle wilderness, Khaama Kethna provides the perfect jungle hideaway to take cover from the storms and retreat from the world of everyday living. A place to sit back, relax and marvel at the natural wonder of the monsoon as it unfolds all around. In the middle of June, the first rains begin to fall and this time holds a special charm and enchanting beauty all of its own. Witness first-hand how the seasons change as if in an instant when darkness descends as the clouds assemble and the winds roll in and gust through the valley. The leaves start to rustle and the palm trees begin to shake while thunder gentle rumbles from across the hills. Once the sky opens and the water droplets finally hit the scorching hot ground, the sweet refreshing smell of spiced earth drifts all around on the cool refreshing breeze. Once the storms reach overhead the deafening cracks of the thunder and lightning flashes through the sky and perform like an opening ceremony for the monsoon to officially commence.

As the heavy rains begin to pour and the stormy winds subside, a renewed feeling of freshness arrives as the moisture replenishes and nourishes the dry red earth. As it cleanses and washes away the last of the Summer dust everything is renewed, pure and sparkling. The dried-up rivers once again begin to flow and the jungle is vibrant, green, and alive. The vivid flowers blossom and open up to the heavens and the sonnet of birds, frogs, and water-loving creatures sing in a symphony of rejoicing to acknowledge the beauty of life as it is ever-changing and ever new.

Monsoon is not just a season but an intrinsic process and is a powerful time for self-cleansing, inner healing, and transformation. The arrival of the rains and the seasons shifting represents a natural motion of change. It signifies the end of the old and the beginning of the new.  This can be a sacred time to acknowledge the process of transformation, the cycle of life and to gratefully accept change, surrender, and allow it to unfold its magic and mystery within you and your own life.

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