Sustainable Living

“Sustainable living is to first truly be a sustainable being.”

What is Sustainable Living?

To live and practice sustainability begins with observing and taking responsibility for the effects that you as an individual and your actions have on your environment and the planet as a whole. It is about addressing your own behaviors, consumption levels, material dependencies, consumer habits & waste production in every aspect of your life. From what you eat, to where you live and your lifestyle habits to your overall health and wellbeing, you must witness the excess and the unnecessary by observing the difference between genuine needs and needless wants. This is why the journey of sustainable living begins with the quest for self-knowledge and in order to live sustainably, we must first become a sustainable beings.

sustainable living

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a concept that is widely defined as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, so in other words, a self-contained system that is capable of maintaining, supporting, enduring and can keep on self-perpetuating indefinitely.

The 3 aspects of Sustainability consist of economic, environmental, and social which can informally be categorized as profits, planet, and people.

The growing interest in sustainable lifestyle still largely focuses on the economic and social sectors with sustainable businesses & practices, ecological consumer products, and environmental activist groups now emerging in every corner of the globe.

Although the general intention is to address the impact on our planet, the resulting actions are still primarily directed towards people and profits. At Khaama Kethna our primary focus is environmental sustainability as without the planet there are no people and no economy to sustain.


What is Environmental Sustainability?

As a holistic center that follows sustainable living, we put first things first and that is the environment itself. The fact is that the earth has lost its ability to supply the essential and fundamental ecosystem services that are required to support life. The rapid exploitationdepletion, and pollution of our only natural resources have reached beyond the point of repair. The natural systems we depend on for survival can no longer function, self-regulate or regenerate. Environmental sustainability is about examining how our behavior impacts our planet and implementing ways so that humans can coexist in harmony with the biosphere and in balance with all its ecosystems so that life itself can thrive and flourish once again.

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What is a ‘Sustainable Being’?

The majority of people believe sustainable living is simply swapping a small element of their living life for a more eco-friendly alternative such as learning to recycle, using a bamboo toothbrush, or reusable shopping bags. And although these small steps play a role in doing our bit to reduce waste and pollution on our planet, there is something much greater than every individual first needs to address in order for the world’s population to become environmentally responsible and truly sustainable.

First, we must look at why we as individuals unconsciously consume so much of the earth’s resources when we do not need them. If we look at the root of the problem instead of just skimming the surface with small superficial changes, what we will see is that what needs to be changed is ‘me’. When we begin to look inward and face our priorities and purpose in living, the void inside ourselves, the void we fill which are mainly materialistic whether it is and distractions with money, possessions, travel, food, alcohol, and mass consumption, then we begin to see and address the issues from the inside out. As we heal ourselves and rediscover the fulfillment and joy from within instead of without, we automatically start to want less, consume less, and in general be more content with what we have. As we start to live and take responsibility by beginning not to mainly focus on worshipping money and possessions and start to appreciate and acknowledge the goodness and sweetness of life and nature, cultivate more gratitude for the simple pleasures of living that are provided free of charge but truly invaluable and this is what is truly being a ‘ Holistic Sustainable Being’.

sustainable being

Why is Sustainable Living important?

The rate at which we are consuming resources and generating waste is going up drastically. The earth’s capacity to provide what we need has declined and continues to decline rapidly. Immediate and the need of the hour is extreme measures, must be taken to mitigate the effects of climate change before it is too late and the time has come for fundamental and radical self-change during this chaotic and unsettling period of pandemics and global uncertainty. By growing in consciousness and becoming more environmentally aware now, we can slow down the effects that we as individuals and as a collective are causing.

Sustainable living is the only possible solution to the current climate crisis. Learning to adapt and live in a manner that is simple, minimalistic, and in harmony and balance with all of the systems in nature so that all life is able to survive and once again thrive within nature’s limits. We all must go beyond superficial changes and begin to integrate practical and enduring sustainable lifestyle changes that create a minimal impact on the planet and that produce an overall lower carbon footprint to combat the current climate crisis. The time has come to face the truth of life and start to challenge yourself to become a sustainable being now.

Environmental Sustainability